Wedding photographer

How awesome, you’re getting married!

If you are looking for a wedding photographer, maybe your wedding day is coming up quickly? Would you like to have this very special day photographed in a way that truly documents who you and your loved ones are? I can help you with that! I would love to hear more about your wedding plans in an interview at my office (or through Skype, if you prefer) – no strings attached, of course.

During the day, it is likely that you experience a rollercoaster of emotions; happiness, a bit of stress perhaps, laughs and tears. I am an experienced wedding photographer and will be able to catch the moments you’ll hold most dear when you are looking back at your wedding day. Unposed, completely natural and with brilliant results. Even if you don’t like to be photographed, it’ll be fun – I promise.

I have specialised in a technique called BELOVED. This technique helps eliminate the tension and awkwardness people so often experience in front of a camera. The result is that you’ll be pictured the way you are, and the love will shine through.

Are you looking for a photographer who is willing to travel abroad for your wedding? No problem! Feel free to contact me, for travelling is my other passion!

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Lillianne and Frans’s experience

In preparation of our wedding Heleen engaged us in a prewedding shoot. We absolutely loved the experience! The afternoon was wonderful, we were so much in love again… Strange to call it a shoot, really, looking back at it, it was ‘just’ an afternoon together and it was all about us and our love for each other. Okay, there was a photographer present and she shot the most incredible pictures. We have been laughing until we cried and happy tears have been rolling down our cheeks. Wow, such an intense afternoon of love!

“Heleen knows how to balance things”

She is fun, easy-going, sweet, happy to try anything and knows how to make us comfortable enough to just be ourselves. It is the personal, beautiful little things that make connecting with Heleen so easy. Brilliant, the way she did that! Heleen knows how to balance things, she instinctively knows what works for us and what we need. We could really open up and it felt so natural to do that. Excellent! We have used the photographs of that first session for our wedding invitations and it was insanely hard to pick them, because there were so many photos of which we said “That’s us!”

“Truly special photos”

The wedding day itself was fantastic and it was great to have Heleen there with us. She took brilliant photos and her presence during the day was good fun as well! She said the right things and asked the right questions to make truly special photos. That first time we saw the wedding pictures was so special. And it still is. Heleen made some beautiful and touching videos too. We watch those and the pictures quite often, to share with friends and family, but also to enjoy together. Just what they were meant for, but even more beautiful than we dared hoping for.”

Lilianne & Frans